Schools service

The Øresund Aquarium has many different functions. In addition to exhibiting a wide range of the amazing marine life found in Danish waters in its public aquarium, and its role as a recreational institution, the aquarium is also charged with stimulating an interest in learning about and conducting research within the marine field. Teaching and knowledge dissemination are therefore key goals for the Øresund Aquarium.

Come and learn about local marine life!

The Øresund Aquarium school service offers a wide range of courses and experiences that focus on the flora and fauna in the Sound. Our goal is to show this amazing life in its natural surroundings in so far as possible by organising field trips on the beach, boat excursions or snorkelling trips.

All age groups

We offer courses aimed at all age groups – kindergarten children, primary and lower secondary school pupils, and secondary school and university students as well as all types of adult education. We also supply teaching materials for several of the courses, so you can study what you are going to experience/have experienced either before or after your visit to the Øresund Aquarium.

Many different types of courses

We offer fieldwork, laboratory lessons, project work and lectures – in both Danish and English.

Book a course

You choose a theme for your course, either based on the courses you find on our Danish website (where prices are also shown) or assisted by us. You then book a time for the course, and all the course material will be sent to you before the agreed day.

All courses must be booked in advance, either by calling +45 3532 1970 (weekdays 10:00-16:00) or by sending an email to If you would like to receive confirmation of your booking, we can do so by email.