Experiences at Øresund Aquarium

Experience Øresund's wonderful wildlife - in the aquariums or on one of our exciting tours!

At the Øresund Aquarium you can experience feeding time for the marine animals every day. And you can take part in the fun when it’s feeding time for the animals in the children’s touch tank. During school holidays, we offer many extra activities and experiences for the whole family, for example safari.


Do you love whales? Seabirds? Fresh sea air - and maybe tuna? Then go with the Øresund Aquarium on a sea safari.

We sail from Helsingør in the Øresund Aquarium's large rubber boat and set course for full speed towards the areas where exciting animals have been spotted before. Skipper and guide tell about both the animals and the area.

Come along on safari.

Private events

The Øresund Aquarium also offers experiences for smaller groups and companies.