About the aquarium

Øresund Aquarium is a small saltwater aquarium located close to Øresund (the Sound) at the Nordhavnen marina in Helsingør/Elsinore. The aquarium is part of Department of Biology at University of Copenhagen and is a knowledge-based centre for the marine environment, offering experiences and inspiration for all!

A visit to the Aquarium offers insight into the amazing, and to most people completely unknown, world that unfolds in Danish straits and inlets. The Øresund Aquarium specialises in displaying the exciting and colourful marine life of Øresund and the sea of Kattegat. Due to the special currents and salt conditions of Øresund – a strait that provides conditions similar to those of an inlet towards the surface, whereas towards the sea bed the conditions are similar to those of open sea – the Øresund Aquarium lets you experience most marine species found in Danish waters.

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