Safety on board

The Øresund Aquarium’s RIB boat Planula

The boat is approved for carrying passengers by the Danish Maritime Authority, and is permitted to sail with up to 12 passengers. The boatman is also approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and holds a maritime trading certificate. In addition to the boatman, there is a navigation officer on board. Before departure, the boatman will provide safety instructions and distribute life jackets which must be worn for the duration of the trip. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use your own life jackets. From 2 October to 14 May, we also supply thermal protective suits.

Safety equipment on board:

  • Life ring with signal light
  • Throwing line
  • Emergency rockets
  • VHF radio with DSC emergency call
  • First aid bag
  • Signal lamp
  • Signal horn
  • Radar reflector
  • AIS
  • Compass

Practical information

You should bring warm windproof and waterproof clothing to suit the time of year. Remember that it is often colder on the water than on land. While on the water, you are either standing or sitting on the sides.

There is room for limited luggage on board, such as small backpacks and handbags. Normally, it is not wet on board, but there may be some spray depending on the weather. Please be prepared for this if you bring devices such as cameras and mobile phones. Such equipment is carried at your own risk.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any further questions about safety and the trip.