Experience seals in Øresund

Seal safari

Go with The Øresund Aquarium on an exciting seal safari and experience the harbor seal in its natural abandonments.

As something completely new in 2022, The Øresund Aquarium has started arranging seal safaris. The reason is that the population of the harbor seal is now so large in the Sound that you now have really good chances of getting a look at this fantastic marine mammal and even often close to the boat. So go with The Øresund Aquarium on a seal safari, and get up close and personal with the beautiful seals that thrive in the Øresund.

We sail out in a large rubber boat and set course for the Swedish side of the Øresund, where we know that the curious seals live in fairly large flocks. We are joined by The Øresund Aquarium's marine  biologist and nature guides, who will tell and entertain about the life of the harbor seal in the Øresund.

In the last 10-20 years, the population of harbor seals has multiplied and they thrive in the Sound, where there is plenty of food for the impressive sea mammals. At The Øresund Aquariums tours in 2022, we saw seals on all the trips where the seals like to stay, so even though we do not provide a “seal guarantee”, the opportunities to see seals on the trips are quite good.

The Øresund Aquarium's rubber boat

Practical information

Tour length The boat trip lasts about 1.5 hours.
Meeting point We meet at the entrance to the Øresund Aquarium approx. 5 minutes at the announced time. Here the captain bids you welcome. We then proceed to the area behind the aquarium to put on life wests and floating suits and then walk to the boat.
Access to the aquarium There is free admission to the aquarium during the day and the day after.
Catering Hot cocoa and coffee are served on board.
Attire Remember clothes that suits the weather and keep in mind that it can feel cold on the water, even on a hot summer day.
Safety The Øresund Aquarium supplies CE approved (Maritime Authority) SOLAS vests before departure. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use private life jackets. Boat and crew are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for max. 12 passengers. Persons under the age of 15 must be accompanied by adults. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed on the trip due to the length of the trip and safety. We recommend that pregnant women who have less than 4 weeks to term, for safety reasons, do not participate in the trip.
Tickets Tickets are purchased in advance via BilletExpressen.
Cancellation The tours are planned subject to bad weather. The boatman decides whether a tour is cancelled or shortened. In case of cancellation or significant shortening of sailing, the ticket will be refunded. Purchased tickets can not be exchanged for other tours and will not be refunded if you are prevented from participating.