Tuna safari

The tuna swims in Øresund again and we sail out and see if we can find it – do you want to come?

The Øresund Aquarium’s big RIB boat departs from Elsinore. We look for the tuna that has returned to Øresund after many years’ absence.

Head of the aquarium, Jens Peder Jeppesen, says: ”It is so unbelievable exciting that the tuna is back in Øresund. We have seen the tuna the last couple of years and especially in 2019 we saw this great fish several times on our trips. It is a truly exciting experience to go ‘hunting’ for this big fish in our local waters.” In 2020, we saw tuna jump or splash in the surface on approx. 70 % of the safaris. The tunas ranged from about 200 kg. all the way up to about 500 kg.

“Naturally we cannot guarantee that we see the tuna during all our trips, but we can guarantee a great sailing experience with good stories about the tuna’s history and life in Øresund. And we often see the little whale, the harbour porpoise, on our boat trips, so even though we may not see tuna we plan to give our guests a good experience on Øresund.”

The tuna swims in the Sound again after many years of absence

Back in the 1950’s there were many tuna in Øresund and competitions were held where tuna fish of up to 300 kg were caught. However, overfishing meant that the tuna disappeared from Øresund and not since the 1960’s has the tuna been spotted in Øresund. That is, until 2017, where the tuna suddenly was back.

The reason for its return is the many restrictions there have been on tuna fishing the last many years. In addition, there are lots of food for the tuna in Øresund – e.g. the mackerel and the herring that the tuna loves – making Øresund a great hunting ground for the tuna.

Practical information

Tour length The boat trip lasts about 1.5 hours.
Meeting point We meet at the entrance to the Øresund Aquarium where the captain bids you welcome. We then proceed to the area behind the aquarium to put on life wests and floating suits and then walk to the boat.
Access to the aquarium There is free admission to the aquarium during the day and the day after.
Catering Hot cocoa and coffee are served on board.
Attire Remember clothes that suits the weather and keep in mind that it can feel cold on the water, even on a hot summer day.
Safety The Øresund Aquarium hand out life jackets, and floatation suits if it is cold, before departure. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use private life jackets. Boat and crew are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for max. 12 passengers. Persons under the age of 15 must be accompanied by adults. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed on the trip due to the length of the trip and safety. We recommend that pregnant women who have less than 4 weeks to term, for safety reasons, do not participate in the trip.
Tickets Tickets are purchased in advance via BilletExpressen.
Price: 420 - 470 DKK.
Cancellation The tours are planned subject to the corona situation in Denmark. Reservations are also made for cancellations in bad weather. The boatman decides whether a tour is cancelled or shortened. In case of cancellation or significant shortening of sailing, the ticket will be refunded. Purchased tickets can not be exchanged for other tours and will not be refunded if you are prevented from participating.